What I do

Infrastructure Design

I plan, document and ultimately implement high performance and cutting edge server and storage systems. These systems are then passed off to Systems Administrators and Systems / Storage Engineers to maintain and manage.

Endpoint Computing

I work with the business to assess and make informed decisions on computing endpoints – these have ranged from cell phones and mobile device managers to implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and physical desktops / laptops. Part of this is also Endpoint Security as endpoints tend to be the biggest vector of malware.

Implementation / Documentation

After planning and architecture are complete and meeting / exceeding business requirement and best practices, I implement and document the technologies. These can range from server and storage refreshes to full out new development computing systems.

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What else do I do?


Adhering to agile project management methodologies, but not limiting the project by them – there are other, more traditional project management skills and methodologies that can help with the project.

Tier 3 Escalation

If the help desk is under water or need to escalate, being the tier 3 resource in the escalation chain to quickly remedy any potential issues.

Design and Build

Making design decisions around both physical layout and logical infrastructure.


A large part of any organization is teamwork and being able to meet objectives and project goals together.

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VMware Certified Advanced Professional - Datacenter Administration